As a current homeowner you are aware of the importance that an inspection plays on the purchasing process. Buyers in the market that may be interested in your home will no doubt share that perspective.

Reasons to have your home inspected before trying to sell:

Offering a home inspection shows potential buyers that you have made a sincere effort to present you home’s condition fairly and accurately. This makes it more marketable and attractive to prospects.

You can understand issues that may be present prior to the buyer discovering problems that may take you of guard and destroy the sale on your home. You gain a stronger negotiating position by knowing first hand the condition of the property.

You can practically eliminate legal liability for not disclosing potential issues to prospective buyers.

Why purchase an inspection?

  • To fully prepare your home to go on the market
  • To gain a marketing advantage
  • To be aware of issues from a professional so you can answer buyer’s questions
  • To correct problems that may hinder the sales process
  • To make sure your home is the right house to buy

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Client Testimonial

"As a single woman on her first home purchase I was comfortable with The Home Doctor. He lead me through the inspection, explaining in simple and easy to understand terms, educating me on the intricacies of my new 30 year-old home..."
Laurie C.