Why an inspection?

  • To protect yourself in an important investment decision.
  • To be an informed buyer, knowing if there are any defects present, if those defects are serious and the potential cost to repair them.
  • To be an educated home owner, having seen your home through the eyes of an unbiased professional.

When possible, our inspections include walking on the roof, crawling in the attic and entering crawl spaces.

Top things that we look for…

Safety concerns
Financial considerations
Maintenance issues

Who should attend?

You, as the client, are welcome to include anyone you desire in the inspection. Along with you and any family members you may also decide to include your Realtor and the listing Realtor.

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Client Testimonial

"I appreciate the speed at which you delivered my report and for answering all my questions. You definately made the purchase process easier for me."
Michael L.